Worship Ministry

Ministry Vision

To glorify God by leading the people He has entrusted to Calvary South Austin in worship through song.

Ministry  Purpose

  • To be led by the Holy Spirit
  • To give all the glory to God
  • To pray for and minister to one another
  • To break bread and fellowship with one another
  • To serve with diligence and excellence
  • To continue to develop gifts given to us by God

Ministry Schedule

Sunday Mornings               8:00AM – 10:45AM Sound check through 1st Service
                                      11:00AM – 12:45PM 2nd Service (Church Starts at 9:15am)
Wednesday Evenings          5:45PM – 8:30PM Sound check through Worship/Bible Study (church starts 7pm)
Thursday Evenings             6:30PM – 9:30PM Sound/Worship Practice (no church)


If you would like to get involved in the worship/sound ministry, please contact Carlos Rodriguez by phone (512) 576-LIFE or e-mail worship@calvarysouthaustin.com