Pastor Bunjee Garrett is the main teaching pastor of Calvary South Austin.

The goal of our bible studies is to simply teach the word of God simply. Word for word, precept upon precept.

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Perfection Through Participation – Philippians 1:3-7

Are you participating in your fellowship of faith? Or are you still a stadium saint? In this study from Philippians chapter 1, Pastor Bunjee Garrett encourages every believer to continue on the path of perfection by participating in their Christian congregation.

Commands for Christians – 2nd Thessalonians 3:6-15

Are there commands for Christians? If so, are you following them? In this study from 2nd Thessalonians chapter 3, Pastor Bunjee Garrett encourages believers to walk orderly, work diligently, and warn others gently.

Job 12

How should believers respond to false accusations? What warrants a sarcastic response? In this study from Job chapter 12, Pastor Bunjee Garrett teaches on how we should submit our freewill to the perfect will of our Savior, Jesus.

Our Divine Dependence 2023

What were the religious reasons our founding fathers declared independence from Great Britain? What did our founding fathers believe and how did it affect their actions? In this topical study, Pastor Bunjee Garrett examines how our fathers declared their independence from Great Britain’s religious rule, they were simultaneously declaring their dependence on a Divine creator.

Job 4

Which counsel should we trust? How can we give trustworthy counsel to others? In this study from Job chapter 4, Pastor Bunjee Garrett encourages believers to test every counsel and spirit against the word of God.

Blinded By Unbelief: 1 Thessalonians 5:1-4

Are you being influenced by those blinded by unbelief? Are you following leaders still wandering in spiritual darkness? In this study from 1st Thessalonians chapter 5, Pastor Bunjee Garrett encourages every believer to walk in the light of the Lord so that we can be used to help the spiritually blind to see the truth…

Job 2

Why does the Lord allow His servants to suffer? In this study from Job chapter 2, Pastor Bunjee Garrett explains how God’s grace is sufficient for us through all things.

Good Friday 2023

Who is guilty of killing Jesus? What is the forensic evidence of His death? In this special Good Friday sermon, Pastor Bunjee Garrett examines the evidence for the crucifixion of Jesus.