Pastor Bunjee Garrett is the main teaching pastor of Calvary South Austin.

The goal of our bible studies is to simply teach the word of God simply. Word for word, precept upon precept.

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The Word: July 5th, 2024

Should you vote Christian or Conservative? Check out this encouraging word from Pastor Bunjee Garrett. This is a clip from a sermon titled “Declaration of Dependence.” Click the link to view the sermon in its entirety. CLICK HERE: Declaration Of Dependence Pastor Bunjee Garrett will be back next week with new Word videos.

Let No One Despise Your Youth

What really goes on at youth camp? How is Calvary South Austin’s youth ministry discipling our youth? How does our youth ministry come support our parents in their ministry? In this special youth camp recap, Reuben Urias gives the vision of Calvary South Austin’s youth ministry.

The Hopeful Heart – Philippians 2:19-24

Do you feel hopeless? Are you demoralized with daily depression? In this study from Philippians chapter 2, Pastor Bunjee Garrett examines how believers can have a heart filled with heavenly hope.

The Celebration of the Incarnation – Luke 2:1-20

What does the incarnation have to do with Christmas? And how should this affect our celebration? In this topical study from Luke chapter 2, Pastor Bunjee Garrett examines the facts surrounding the Incarnation of Christ Jesus.