Our Mission and Vision

Our Values

Spirituality – We value Spirituality at Calvary South Austin. We realize that apart from the Holy Spirit, there is no way to please God.

Community – We also value Community. Community is simply communion in unity. It is within community that we complete each other in Christ.

Diversity – Another value we hold is Diversity. Our church should be as eclectic as Heaven, made up of people from every culture and walk of life.

Creativity – Creativity is certainly a value at Calvary South Austin. It is through creativity that we express our love for God in imaginative ways.

Modernity – At Calvary South Austin, we want to be relevant so we value modern methods of communicating age old truths including the internet, television and radio.

Our Mission

Reach Up – Our mission to Reach Up is fulfilled through simply knowing Jesus through Prayer, Praise & Worship and Bible Study. [John 17:3]

Reach In – Our mission to Reach In is fulfilled when we choose to use our spiritual gifts to serve one another. [Ephesians 4:11-16]

Reach Out – Our mission to Reach Out is fulfilled each and every time we share our love for Jesus with those that do not know our Savior, starting in Austin and onto the ends of the Earth. [Romans 10:14,15]