Our Philosophy on Giving is…

…”grace giving” which is taught in the New Testament. In order to understand the difference between “grace giving” and the Law of the Tithe CLICK HERE .

There are several ways to financially support Calvary South Austin.

  1. You can make donations at the church by placing your gift in the “Love Offering Box”.
  2. Paypal by using the paypal giving widget on the right side of this page.
  3. EasyTithe Click Here to Give Online
  4. Text-to-give by texting the word GIVE to 512-572-3440 and following the instructions.
  5. Connecting Calvary South Austin to purchases you already make when using certain company programs for non-profits.  CLICK HERE to see which companies give-back to Calvary South Austin.
  6. or by sending a check to…

Calvary South Austin
P.O. Box 152230 Austin, Tx 78715.

All offerings to Calvary South Austin are tax deductible.