Max Men’s Breakfast

White Elephant Gift Exchange


  1. Acquire a gift costing no more than $20.
  2. Wrap it the best way you know how. (Feel free to ask your wife for help)
  3. Bring the wrapped gift to the Max Men’s Breakfast.
  4. Each man will draw a number determining the order in which gifts will be picked.
  5. Let the exchange begin.
  6. When your turn comes, you can steal a gift that has already been opened, or you can choose from the unopened pile.
  7. Once the gift has been stolen, it cannot be stolen again until the next turn.
  8. Once a gift has been stolen three times, it is out of rotation.

Donuts, Coffee & Kolaches for $5

December 19th – 8:00am – 10am

at Calvary South Austin